A rewarding experience

Although there is no obligation to fundraise, we have some amazing incentives if you choose to do so. Your fundraising will also support soldiers, veterans and their families in need through the British Army's National Charity - ABF The Soldiers' Charity. 

Fundraising incentives will be posted out once a week until 18 December, and then any remaining incentives will be sent out during January.

Where does your fundraising go?

You know that Operation Bletchley supports ABF The Soldiers' Charity, but you may not know exactly what we do.
The Soldiers' Charity is the Army's National Charity and as long as there is a British Army The Soldiers' Charity will need to exist to support them when they most need it. We ensure that funds for the military community are where they need to be, fast. This means that the money you raise for us through Operation Bletchley will go where it is most needed.

We take pride in being responsive, making a difference at a critical point in people’s lives. We have been doing this since 1944, working with veterans of every conflict, and we envisage continuing doing so for the ‘long haul’ – supporting all future generations of our soldiers and their dependents.

We stand at the forefront of support for the Army family - in the last financial year we supported over 60,000 people in 63 countries in the world, from 2 year olds to 103 year olds. We are one of the largest funders in the military charity sector, not only giving funds directly to individuals, but ensuring that the charities providing a vital service have the funds they need to work - charities such as:
  • The Army Families Federation - who provide financial advice, training, employment support (and much more!) to Army personnel.
  • The Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation - who this year are using our grant to manage the impact of the pandemic on veterans.
  • Royal Star & Garter - a charity providing residential care for 190 veterans and their partners.
  • SSAFA - we give SSAFA a grant towards their casework, and Stepping Stone Home - a comfortable, secure home for women and children in need
Our individual grants help those in need directly and the money is often in their accounts within 48 hours. Read more about the individuals we help here: https://soldierscharity.org/stories/

Your fundraising is changing the lives of our soldiers, veterans and their families and from everyone here a huge thank you for your support. 

  • £50 - could help cover travel costs so a veteran can attend a job interview.
  • £75 - could go towards the cost of a temporary wheelchair ramp, allowing an injured soldier to enter and leave his home.
  • £250 - could contribute towards the care home fees of a frail elderly veteran who requires continuous care.
  • £1000 - could help pay for home adaptations so that a veteran’s young disabled child can live in a safe and accessible environment.

Thank you for your support.

Medals and more...

Your official Operation Bletchley medal will be awarded if you receive 'Mission Accomplished' status. To do this you simply need to deliver your correct coded message on time, by midnight on 31 January 2023.

Fundraising will remain open until the end of February 2023. After this date you will receive your medal.

Your fundraising results will be automatically included in our Fundraising Army promotions table, so you can compete with other supporters.

You’ll also be able to join the Operation Bletchley online community where you’ll find many like-minded people who will support and encourage you.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Agent L on events@soldierscharity.org

How far will you rise?

By signing up to Operation Bletchley you’ll be enlisted into our elite Army – The Soldiers’ Charity Fundraising Army.

See the full list of promotions here.

Joining as a Private, your primary mission will be to raise vital funds to support our soldiers, veterans and their families. Do you have the drive to rise through the ranks whilst raising money to help those who fought and gave so much for us.