The Lord Mayor’s Big Curry

For 2021 not our usual Lunch - instead three months of new virtual events and activities to meet the current and urgent need to fund military veterans through the Pain Management Programme and into employment.

Created in 2007 and first taking place in 2008, The Lord Mayor's Big Curry Lunch is the City of London's hottest annual event.

Be part of an incredible series of events that raise money to help those who have served in Her Majesty's Armed Forces, in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It was with great sadness that in March 2020, the Co-Chairmen, the Rt Hon The Lord Mayor Alderman Willam Russell and Mr Michael Hockney, in consultation with the Remembrancer, made the disappointing but necessary decision to cancel the 2020 Lunch.

At that time, it was looking as if the 2020 Lunch might exceed the record sum raised at the 2019 Lunch. As a result of this, the Committee was quietly confident that we might well exceed the 2019  record sum of £250,000 to hand over to the three national service charities for onward distribution to veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan and their families.

Despite the unfortunate turn of events as the Covid-19 virus struck the UK and we were forced to cancel the 2020 Lunch. We are truly grateful to the generosity of our 2020 Sponsors and the Livery Companies and Ward Clubs, which has meant the Co-Chairmen were able to announce that we had sufficient funds to be able to commit to funding up to eighteen veterans on the PMP. This was one of our principal ambitions for the 2020 LMBCL. That’s eighteen veterans who will now be able to go on the PMP in the coming months; the impact on them and on their families will be truly transformational.

Prior to the outbreak of Covid-19 The Lord Mayor's Big Curry Lunch had a format that was well known and loved by the guests who attended the Lunch. Pre-Covid, a Lord Mayor's Big Curry Lunch would host a relaxed lunch for up to 1,500 guests at the historic Guildhall in the heart of London. The purpose, other than raising money for veterans of HM Armed Forces, was to allow people from all walks of city life to mingle and meet serving members of the Armed Forces while enjoying a host of activties and amusements.

The Lunch opens - 12.00pm onwards

Sponsor and Ticket Package guests arrive at Guildhall through the private entrance in Basinghall Street.

Drinks are available in the reception area in the Livery Hall, where a complimentary glass of champagne is served. Drinks are also available from the free bars, serving beer, wine and soft drinks.

For indvidual guests and smaller groups, enter Guildhall through the Art Gallery entrance and make their way to the Old Library for drinks, either at there free bars or from the Champagne and Cocktails bars.

There are many activities at the Lunch where guests can:

- bid in the Silent Auction

- take part in the Prize Draw

- visit the ‘Diamond and Champagne’ and ‘Watch and Cocktail’ bars for the chance to win a diamond necklace or a British  handmade bespoke watch

Lunch (three sittings) - Lunch takes place for all guests in the Great Hall and food is served buffet-style; seating is unreserved, so guests can  meet and network with others

12.30pm     First Lunch sitting begins

1.15pm       Second Lunch sitting begins

2.00pm       Third Lunch sitting begins

Post-Lunch  Once guests finish lunch in the Great Hall they are welcome to explore all the special extras offered throughout Guildhall. These include:

- In the South Ambulatory, there are Livery Stalls held by the Worshipful Companies of Bakers, Frameworker Knitters, Fruiterers, Gardeners, Leatherseller's, Pewterers and Turners, selling a range of items, including knitwear and fresh fruit. Also the three Charity's merchandise stalls and well known authors signing their books

- Coffee and chocolates are available for all guests in the Print Room. The free bars in the Livery Hall and Old Library reception areas remain open for all guests

- Continue bidding in the Silent Auction

- Take part in the Prize Draw

- Re-visit the ‘Diamond and Champagne’ or ‘Watch and Cocktail’ bar for the chance to win a diamond necklace or a British handmade bespoke watch

- Enjoy the commemorative garden in Guildhall Yard, designed by the Worshipful Company of Gardeners

- A take-home bag is offered to all departing guests

- The In-Pensioners of the Royal Hospital Chelsea also collect donations at each exit to Guildhall

2.45pm       Prizes are drawn in the Old Library for the ‘Diamond and Champagne’ and ‘Watch and Cocktail’ bar raffles by the Lady Mayoress

3.00pm       The Lunch closes

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