The Lord Mayor’s Platinum Jubilee Big Curry

Back for 2022 in historic Guildhall

Get your tickets for the city's hottest event - raising funds to meet the current urgent need to support veterans of HM Armed Forces into employment

The Lord Mayor's Platinum Jubilee Big Curry 2022 Sponsors

In the wake of the  COVID-19 pandemic, we need the help of sponsors, both corporate and private, to support the veterans of Her Majesty's Armed Forces through the difficult times we are facing.  In 2022 we are continuing to support the Pain Management Programme, run by King Edward VII Hospital’s Centre for Veterans’ Health. This programme focuses on increasing a veterans likelihood of gaining employment by managing their physical and/or psychological pain.

New for 2022 is our support of the LifeWorks Programme where we hope to be able to support 65 veterans through the programmes.

Choose any of our sponsorship packages to help us place up to ten veterans on the Pain Management Programme or up to 3 veterans through the LifeWorks programme as well as helping other veterans into employment. (Categories below and can be found in our sponsorship brochures - PMP Brochure here and LifeWorks Brochure here )

Showcase your brand at our Lunch in Guildhall on 7th April as well as in our virtual events and demonstrate your company’s support to our veterans in need.

The City and the Lord Mayor's Big Curry Lunch are intertwined. Since the first Lunch in 2008, the Lunch has become a staple event in the City calendar with many institutions and businesses offering their support. From the attendance of senior city officials at the Lunch to the generous contribution of Guildhall without charge, the Lunch relies on the City in many ways and is grateful for its support.

For more information on the Sponsors of The Virtual Lord Mayor's Big Curry 2021, please click here.

Principal Sponsor 

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Major Sponsor 

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Supporting Sponsors 

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The Worshipful Company of Gardeners

The Worshipful Company of Musicians

Since its inception, Livery Companies and Ward Clubs have been valuable supporters of the Lord Mayor's Big Curry Lunch. Over the past 15 Lunches the number of Livery Companies and Ward Clubs supporting the Lord Mayor's Big Curry Lunch has increased year on year, with many supporting the Lunch in a combination of ways:

Make a £6,500 contribution to fund a veteran through the PMP, either individually or in partnership with another Livery Company

Make a £1,500 contribution to fund a veteran through LifeWorks

Make a donation of a sum of £500 and ideally £1,000 or more

Buy Individual or Group tickets for your members

Put on an event in support of the LMBCL

Advertise the virtual events and activities to your members

Run a stall at the Lunch

We are really grateful to all the Livery Companies and Ward Clubs that are already supporting the 2022 Lunch

Sponsoring a Veteran through the Pain Management Programme

The Worshipful Company of Barbers Surgeons

The Worshipful Company of Fishmongers

The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths

Sponsoring a Veteran through the LifeWorks Programme

The Worshipful Company of

Leathersellers (2)

The Worshipful Company of

Carpenters (2)

Creating the Platinum Jubilee Garden in Guildhall Yard 

The Worshipful Company of Gardeners 

Providing the Award-winning Musicians in the Livery Hall and East Crypt

The Worshipful Company of Musicans

Satellite Events

Auction Prize Donors

The Worshipful Company of


The Worshipful Company of


Worshipful Company of


Ticket Packages 

The Guild of Freemen of

The City of London

The Worshipful Company of


The Worshipful Company of

Tylers and Bricklayers


The Worshipful Company of


The Worshipful Company of


The Worshipful Company of


The Worshipful Company of


The Worshipful Company of


The Worshipful Company of


The Worshipful Company of


The Worshipful Company of 

Information Technologists

The Worshipful Company of

International Bankers 

The Worshipful Company of


The Worshipful Company of

Tallow Chandlers

The Worshipful Company of

Tin Plate Workers

Ward Club Donations

City Club Donations 

For more information on the Livery Company and Ward Club Supporters of The Lord Mayor's Big Curry Lunch 2021, please click here

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