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Cateran Yomp 2021

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On the 5th-6th June 2021, I am taking part in The Cateran Yomp. A 54-mile hike in 24 hours across rural Perthshire.

It’s going to be tough but it will raise vital funds for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, the Army's National Charity, providing a lifetime of support to soldiers, veterans and their immediate families.

Please give generously, and thank you for your support!

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My Updates

9 DAYS TO GO!!!! 😲

I can't believe the Yomp is next weekend!! It's come round so fast yet I feel like I've been training for ages. My biggest training walk was 34 miles on the 21st of August. Half of those miles were on sand and the rest on tarmac or gravel which I found really tough on my joints. The rain and fog for the last 6 miles on the beach made me feel like I was on a treadmill getting nowhere. It was a real test for me both physically and mentally. However, it has prepared me for how mentally challenging next weekend could be and I feel quietly confident that I have the grit and determination to get myself and my team mates through. 
I've filled my rucksack with about 6kg and I plan to walk to and from work with it for the next week and do my last few training walks with it. This is more than I'll carry on the yomp but I'm hoping it will make things easier on the day 🤞🏼

Tough Training

Wow that was a tough walk yesterday!! 34 miles with at least 16 of them on the beach. It took a lot of gritting the teeth and blocking out the world to push through the pain for the last few miles. My hips really struggled with the repetitive flat hard surface mixed with the energy sapping sand causing a lot of pain for the last 6 miles or so! The hills are my friends but this was a good test of strength and endurance so I'm glad I did it 😁


Day 3 of my Meigle Hill climbs before work was worth the 4.30am alarm!

Preparing for 36 miles!

Next Saturday I'm doing a 36 mile coastal walk as my biggest training walk before the big day. I figured if I can do that comfortably, what's another 18 miles on top 🤷🏽‍♀️😂
Last night I rushed up Meigle Hill to see the sunset and though it's not a long walk it's certainly steep and gets the legs and lungs burning! It got me thinking, so this week in the run up to Saturday I'm going to go up there every morning before work to get the legs working hard. Hopefully if the weather's right I'll catch a nice sunrise too 🤞🏼
Now where to walk this morning 🤔

Up to marathon distance!

Yesterday, in the baking heat with a bag full of stuff I didn't need, I walked 26.4 miles. I followed the Southern Upland Way from Melrose to Lauder then on to Longformacus. The views were stunning and I enjoyed the time to myself with just the sounds of nature (and the odd phonecall when I got bored of being in my head!). I found it surprisingly easy and it's made me more confident going forward and upping the distance. Bring on the 54 👌🏼😎

Less Than 10 Weeks!!!

I can't believe how fast the weeks are galloping on!!! 
Last week was a good one training wise, I got 85 miles in over the 7 days. This week I'm giving my feet a wee break until my new walking shoes arrive (tomorrow 🤞🏼) then I'll try a short hike and a 17 mile walk. Keep your eyes on my fb and strava pages for routes and photo's 😁


My no junk food challenge is going well so far. I'm losing weight and cm's off my waist line as well as feeling sooo much better 🙂 So in the month of March I'm keeping a good friend company as she squats to raise funds for breast cancer awareness....3000 squats!!! Sitting on the toilet will become difficult soon 🙈😂 
I'm also aiming to do more wild swimming as I feel the mental health benefits are great and it makes me feel awesome and motivated. Sunday mornings are going to be filled with longer training walks and cold dips in a loch, there's no better way to start the day 🥰

January and the next challenge!!

Wee update on my training so far....I pledged to walk 300 miles for Doddie Gump and the inter-district challenge which started on the 1st January with a snowy 11 mile walk from the Corbie Lyn up to the 3 Brethren, over the Minch Moor to Innerleithen and ended just before the Calcutta Cup (which we won, get in there!!!) with another snowy trudge round Meigle and Mossilee. The weather conditions made it gruelling at times but I did it and after a week off I'm wondering what challenge I can set myself next 🤔 It's going to be the hardest thing I've ever done but it will make a HUGE difference to my fitness. I'm giving up junk food 😭 Between pancake day and Easter Sunday I will abstain from takeaways, crisps, chocolate and sweets. I can't give up alcohol because if I did that too there's a real risk I'd go crazy 😂 Watch out for my next blog which may be written by incredibly cranky me!!

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George Macdonald


Mum And Billy

Go for it Dawn, you've worked so hard, now enjoy! Proud of you 😍 Love mum and Billy xx


Millburn Garage

Another £1 a mile Dawn. Go for it. 👌🏻



£1 a mile Dawn, go for it!



Another £1 a mile Dawn, a worthy cause.





Very proud of all you do Dawn


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Good luck Dawn, not that you’ll need it,x👍🏻


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Good luck ya nutter!!


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Good luck with the trading and event !



Good Luck Dawn


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Finally donated forgot about it good luck


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Well done you for doing something so tough for such a great cause!


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Good luck Dawn- I hope you have a great walk!! Xx


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Good luck Dawn!


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Good luck donny


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Well done dawn and team!!!


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Good luck Dawn, great challenge xx


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Good luck Dawn and team!


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Huge achievement Dawn. Well done from the Hetherington clan xx


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You can do it dawn 👍


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Good luck Dawn 😊❤😊


Dawn Scott


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What an amazing achievement!! Well done xx


Debbie, Sinc, Bailey And Leo

Wishing the very best of luck Dawn! The training’s all done, now go and enjoy it! Xx


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Good luck Dawn, live from Granny Wylie xx


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Good luck Dawn, Craig, Lynnette & Olivia



Good luck Dawn from Madi & Marnie xx


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Good luck


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Great effort Dawn xx


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Your going to be amazing! Good luck team!


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Dawn Scott


Dawn Scott


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Good luck Dawn!


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