Kailey Garthwaite

Cateran Yomp 2021

A little bit about me 😊

Heyyy I’m Kailey. I’m Andy’s wife !

We have been together now for almost 16 years and have 2 beautiful children together Georgia who is 7 and Jacob who is 5.


 We will be taking part in the Cateran Yomp on the 11th -12th September 2021, it is a 54-mile hike in 24 hours in rural Perthshire.


I will openly say I am most likely the weakest link 🙈 in team 13hands14feet. I’m the one who usually volunteers to have the fizz ready at the finish line and hate putting myself “out there” so this is a task and a half for me.


This year will be 10 years since I received the knock on the door off a man in a suit telling me Andy has been injured. My world shattered, and next thing I know I’m being driven to Birmingham QE Hospital to meet Andy coming in.

Once he was discharged we never looked back he came home done his rehabilitation and we moved into our new home and had our 2 children. It wasn’t all easy going there was some massive ups and well as some very low times but we get through each day at a time and remind ourselves of how lucky we are to have him.


Some might say I’m pretty hard on Andy as from the start I have made him do everything as normal just adapted slightly and no way was he getting out of changing nappies or doing the ironing 🤷‍♀️ but he is a very independent person so I knew smothering him would have sent him crazy.


The ABF have been absolutely fantastic not only to Andy but to me and our children as well, they are always super friendly and always make you feel really welcome. They do so much for both serving soldiers, veterans as well as their immediate family. They can be anything from just being there for a chat when it’s needed or your feeling lonely up to helping people out with housing or educational needs helping people get back into work.


Please help us raise as much funds as possible for this great charity.


Thanks in advance


Kailey xXx

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Kailey G


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Joanne Minto

Good luck xx



Good luck


David Oliphant

Hi Kailey good luck and hope you raise loads of money for a great cause. Dad xx


Julia Oliphant

Good Luck Kailey , Enjoy the day and the fizz pit stops and raise loads of money for a fantastic charity


Andrew Edwards

All the best Kailey



VE Day activities


Cann Barbara

Kailey good for you doing this walk, we hope you reach your target and more, good luck 😉 from Billy & Barbara Cann work friend of your dad! Good Cause 👍.


Nicola Elliott (eyfs Team - Cleadon Academy)

Good luck for this challenge Kailey. We'll all be thinking of you!! Lots of love the Early Years Team x


Gary Broatch

Good luck Im sure you will be fine and just make sure somebody has you a bottle ready at the finish


John Redhead

Well done!


Ross Lowrie

All the best Kailey 👍 I currently work with your Dad and he has been a great help to me 👍


Darren Standing

Nice one


The Lockley’s

Good Luck to all taking part! Such a worthwhile cause.


Lee Jackson

Good luck to you all


Kayleigh Pinchen

Good luck! Such an amazing charity that I know supported you’s all through difficult times xxx


Sonny Dodd

Good luck Kailey, I’m sure you’ll do well.



Hi hope you get plenty of money for a great charity. Alex


Rachel Smith

I know it’s not much guys. But every little helps, good luck xxx


Tom & Margaret

Good luck from Margaret and Tom


Kelsey Clements

Good luck 😘


Samantha Hepplewhite

New Year, New Knee, New Challenges ha :-) Sorry it's not much, still ruled by the student budget! Good luck to you all ♡ xx