Bruce Leslie

The Frontline Walk 2021

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I'm taking part in the Frontline Walk - a 100km trek to commemorate the sacrifices made by those who fought for our freedom whilst helping to support the soldiers and veterans of today.

It will be a physically and emotionally tough challenge, but I'm doing it all for a great cause: ABF The Soldiers' Charity, the National Charity of the British Army. They support soldiers, veterans and their families when they need it most.

I will also be walking to honour the memory of my Great Grandfather: Rifleman JOHN JAMES CORKISH, 5th Bn. King's Liverpool Regiment. Who was killed in action 20th September 1917 at the Battle of Menin Ridge Road, aged 39. He was laid to rest at the Tyne Cot Cemetery - Belgium.

Please cheer me on by making a donation towards my target - I'll be forever grateful!

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Bruce Leslie


Bruce Leslie - In Lieu Of Christmas Cards


Jane Hopton


Philip Ross

Bruce, thank you for honoring those who served and sacrificed.


Tarvoris Harris Knight Rider

There you go buddy


Clare Crouch

Six Nations - Round Four. Well done


Clare Crouch

Six nations round three - well done.


Jim Kavanagh

Small donation made pal


Kirk Flett

All the best Bruce.


Belinda Lovell

The very best of luck Bruce xx


Sarah Grier

I’d like to wish your feet Good Luck and all the very best! Sarah x


Nigel C

Those boots are made for ear worm for you!




Vincent Pagent

Good luck mate


Paul Anstey

Nice one Bruce, happy walking


Simon Pelleschi

Well done Bruce. Keep up the good walk!!


Kirsty Johnston

Good luck to you my wonderful man!!


Bruce Leslie


Bruce Leslie


Steve Fisher

On behalf of Steve Fisher


Richard Henson Mbe

Well done Bruce. Sadly my knees no longer allow me to participate but I can still roar from the sidelines.


Bob Turner

Well done Bruce and I hope to see you in the not too distant future.


Al Kerr

Nice one Bruce, good luck mate


Gill & Chris Anderson

Much admiration Bruce


Bruce Leslie

On behalf of Sylvia Friend



Looking forward to next year now ...


Bryan R Simmonds


Marian G

You are such an inspiration, good luck.X


Marlyn Tully

Good luck Bruce!


Sandra Smith

Nearly there .... well done my lovely friend ..


Nigel Wickenden

I was 67A, B & C and will be at the AOBA reunion in July.


Alison Martin

Good luck Bruce


John Coles

Well done Bruce!


Gareth Poole

Good luck, Bruce. I hope the weather's fine, the beer's cold and the blisters are small ones!


Ray Brown

Nice one Bruce, a very worthy cause. My Great Uncle, John Edward Fitzmaurice of The Devonshire Regiment died on October the 4th, 1917 at Passchendaele and is also commemorated at Tyne Cot. Good luck and Bon Voyage.


Dave Barton

My pleasure and all the best for the walk.


Sue Price

Good luck. My Grandfather died at El Alemein As a service daughter, niece, granddaughter, wife, sister-in-law and aunt I thank and you. We never know when we may need help.


Jez Heard

Good luck, Bruce.


Laurence Blakley


Bruce Leslie