Chris Graham

The Medicine Ball Challenge

Even in 2021, there is still a significant stigma attached to mental health problems, including stress, anxiety, PTSD and Depression. I am taking on the Medicine Ball challenge to help break these stigmas and get people talking about their mental health. It's ok to speak up and say i'm not ok.

The challenge involves cuffing a 3kg Medicine Ball to my wrist for 7 days. It may not sound that heavy but being tied to the medicine ball continuously for 7 days is a significant burden. The ball becomes a physical, visual and tangible representation of the invisible burden of mental health so many of us can experience.

The challenge raises money for the following charities. Any support you can offer will be gratefully received and split evenly between the causes.

ABF The Soldiers' Charity

Combat Stress

My Updates

Day 7

Now finished the challenge handing it over to the next person 

Day 7

Last day of the challenge and I’ll be handing the medicine ball challenge of to the next lucky person big eye opener carrying it around 

Day 6

Wrist is abit sore from doing deadlifts and doing a morning circuit with my sqn still going strong 💪 

Day 5

Another day done wrist is abit sore and now feeling it in my shoulders still going strong 

Day 4

Got a lot of questions on my way to Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 by the public soon as I explained wat the challenge involves they where quick enough to make small donations 

Day 3

Bck in work had a instresting weekend trying to shoot my horse bow glad I was using the lower draw weight 😂 regiment had a potted sports session and running around with the has been a real eye opener 

Day 1

Of having the ball and I’m getting some wierd looks in Sainsbury’s 😂

Thank you to my Sponsors



Looks like an absolute ball ache. (If you'll pardon the pun) 😂


Jason Nedley



Have fun


Joshua Cronshaw


Connor Liversidge


Zoe Lambert


Richard Johnson

Keep it up big lad. Good cause, well deserved.


Stephen Mars


Anthony Firman



I support you mate and good luck 💪🏻

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