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The Frontline Walk 2022: The Western Front

A trip to the beach.

I’m taking part in the Frontline Walk - a 100km trek to commemorate the sacrifices made by those who fought for our freedom whilst helping to support the soldiers and veterans of today. 

Even before I joined the British Army and left 6 years later, I always had absolute respect for the veterans of WW1 and WW2. There has always been some connection I felt. I can’t tell you what it is, just that it’s there. I will use my author and podcast platform to raise funds. I will be completing many training walks through the year and posting some great pictures on the blog below. You can follow this and see how I progress and see the amazing places I find! 

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My Updates

The training begins... officially!

So, with just over 12 weeks to go, the official training plan has begun! And, I received my new boots just in time.
It has not been an easy journey already. I have had multiple injuries this year and my previous boots were faulty. The boots were sent away and the company was great enough to refund me. So, I now have a new pair of Adidas Terrex Goretex mid boots. They are superbly comfortable from the first wear. So, I will be wearing them over the next few weeks as my training plan increases in intensity. Time is passing quickly and with just over 12 weeks left thoughts of the kit list, recording equipment, and accommodation, start swirling around in my mind. I hope to be prepared for this event so that I can enjoy it as much as possible. I am really looking forward to it and I know it will be a memory that will last a lifetime. 

The walking continues.

Training is going well at the moment. Despite some rubbing from the Terrex boots, I am really enjoying the training. I am finding The Old Frontline podcast to be a fantastic companion. It really helps me understand some of what went on, and more importantly, understand how the territory was fought over. The territory that we will walk this October. You can see one of my latest walks here: I took my YouTube viewers to the beach! 

7.6 miles, 1,159 Calories & a Guinness!

The sea front on the way to the Western Front. Each Sunday I have free I am making it my mission to find new and fun hikes. Exploring my local surroundings and pushing further out than I would. Today was beautiful. No rubbing, legs felt strong too. But I was struggling with a sore back for reasons unknown. I have thanked sponsors on my social pages of late, including my podcasts pages. The fans of the show have made some incredible donations. Once in fact donated £100. Which is fantastic. I will continue to work hard and bring fantastic pictures with me. Next week I travel to Chepstow. I plan to see Tintern Abbey and whatever else the area has to offer. Then make it back to the pub in time for the start of The Six Nations! Where my team Wales will take on Ireland on their turf! Exciting times.

8.7 miles costal walk.... with a castle. Yes, I am in Wales.

So, after the blister a few weeks back, the rubbing has stopped. I also had blister plaster on for safe measure. Despite wanting to start the basic walking training plan this January, I have found myself walking a few weeks ahead of the plan. The 9 miler, well, 8.7 route was fairly demanding with elevation and sand dunes. I have received some awesome sponsors this week, and I have been in contact with The Frontline Walk Facebook group, or is it META now??? They have been awesome in supporting me despite being a newbie. They are really welcoming and will give advice on questions posted. Each Sunday I will be looking at an interesting walk to send you all pictures. I have some great ones in mind already. My diet has become more strict this week in an attempt to shift some weight, I'm sure that will help in the long run. At the moment, 2022 has started positively, despite a short illness. So heres to the many miles to come. LETS DO THIS! 

For a blog with more pictures of these walks, you can check out the bottom of my website front page. TheWritingCommunityChatShow.Com

The first miles towards The Frontline Walk in 2022!

I am getting the miles in early in 2022. There are lots of KCLS to burn off from Christmas and New Years Eve! I hope you all had a good one. My last walk of 2021 resulted in a rather bloody blister. It was strange as it was from a pair of boots that fit well and are comfortable. It rubbed in the same spot today. If that continues, then I will look to fund a new pair of shoes or boots!

Today’s 5.3 miles.

A cold but crisp day in South Wales U.K. today! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Starting early.

I was going to start walking in early 2022. After having a knee injury through running 2 months back I have decided to start walking now. There is something about working hard though the winter that calls to me. Although, today was crisp and sunny! I walked a beautiful 5.3 miles burning around 1014 kcals. I’m now celebrating with a gin 😊

The first of many miles.

So, I started. I quite literally made the first step. While I was breaking in my new boots whilst walking along a south Wales sea front, a question popped into my head. How many miles will I walk before the event even begins? I am very curious about that. So much so, I am keeping track. Today I walked 5.1 miles. For you Americans, that's 8.20765 Kilometers. A little specific I know. That took me around 2 hours. It also makes me think that The Frontline Walk may not be so easy. I imagine each day of the event will be 3 or 4 times todays distance. Anyway, on my website forum (TheWritingCommunityChatShow.Com) you can see my first blog / vlog post. There will be many more and I am trying to work out how to interview guests whiles on a walk. I feel like getting a fitness guru or adventure on a walk with me could be quite beneficial!

The first step!

So, in preparation for the 100km walk, well, for the training, I have purchased a set of new walking boots! I have downloaded the Frontline Walk training plan which I am going to factor into my current fitness regime to aid in my battle against body fat! Oh how the battle is hard! If only chocolate, biscuits and alcohol had less calories... So, what do you think of the new Adidas Terrex boots? My initial thoughts are that they are very light, solid in a good way and comfortable. As I start breaking into them I imagine they will become even more comfortable. Keep an eye out on The Writing Community Chat Show website where I will be posting video vlog updates of my progression as time passes. 

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Best of luck, Christopher. Thank you. Em :)


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You're a good man. All the best. Brienne of Tarth


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Christopher Aggett



Great thing to do, proud mum.


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Best of luck Chris. Great to have a focus and for such a great cause. Mick and Caroline.


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Smash it Chris! Good luck.



Good luck!!!!!!


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Happy walking, Chris!


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Godspeed. A wonderful thing you are doing, my friend. Love.


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Good luck, and God Bless you.


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Nice one!


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Amazing tribute to amazing people, majority of whom never got/get to come home and see the reward for their sacrifice and courage


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Excellent cause! Louise Mumford


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Good lad :)


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All the best mate. I did a 100km a few months back. Look after your feet and you be fine 👍.


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I'd come with you, but you know what I'd rather do... just kidding. Smash it, Chris; we've got total faith in you. Dave & Natasha.


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Da iawn, Chris! From your PGCE buddies!


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Good luck mate


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