Gregor Penman

TCS London Marathon 2022

I'm running the 2022 London Marathon this year in support of a charity close to my heart, ABF, the Soldier's Charity.

During my time in the military, I witnessed firsthand how the ABF could save lives, and help those who needed the support the most. It is a massive reassurance knowing that if I ever needed support, the ABF would be there for me at a moment's notice, and for anyone else that has served/continues to serve in the British Army.

In 2021 alone the ABF support 60,000 current and former service personnel - an astonishing number of lives that have been changed just from a single charity. Your donation will directly support the next 60,000, and then some, ensuring that the ABF can continue to do incredible work in the years to come. 

Thank you so much for your support, I best get training!

My Updates

Thank you

Dear all,

Now the dust has settled post marathon, I just wanted to thank everyone once against for your generous donations. The funds raised will go on and make a huge difference to so many people.

The marathon day itself was epic. While it didn’t exactly go to plan with crippling cramp (I never get cramp when running?!) it was a very special day. London was electric. 

I’ve entered the ballot for 2023.. who knows..

Thanks again

Training Update

Thanks for all donations so far - they mean the world!

Training is going well so far, despite catching COVID for the second time recently. I’m beginning to work in faster/longer efforts in my long runs to build my speed up for the day. I have also booked on to the Richmond half marathon in mid September to get a final look at my marathon race pace, then ramping down for the taper.

Toying with various different trainers for the day currently - a carbon plate is a must!


Thank you to my Sponsors


Amechi Peirce-howe

Smash it Greg


Molly Dunckley

Go and smash it like you always do! Very proud xxx


Kevin Dunckley

Good luck Greg. Just imagine that the Quin's boys are chasing you and you will speed up....


Charlie + Frankie

Great work, Greg


Janet Stenlake

Good luck Greg I know you can do it. Love Grandma x






Chris, Camilla, Grace & Rose X

Good luck Greg!


Tim John

Good luck Gregor.


Gareth Winston

Stop mincing, start running


Jo Dunckley

Good luck Greg x


Helen Dines

Run like the wind Gregor!


Rich, Chloe, Effie And The Boys

Go smash it Boysey!


Philippa Hays

Good luck Greg


Daniel Torrens-spence

Good luck mate. I did a marathon once. One of the worst things I ever did. Have fun


Nik Hill

Send it!!


Garrie Masson

Good luck


Hayley Boulden

Go smash it Gregor!


Narendra Mistry

Good luck Gregor!


Cath Mc

I am sure you will smash it!!


Jenni Bates

Good Luck! I'll have a margarita please!


Helene Stanway

Good luck with the run!


Steve Pallett

Good luck during training and for the day itself mate.


Russell Stuart

Best of luck Greg!


Matt Young

Good luck Gregor! Great cause


Joanne Flint

Amazing effort Gregor!



Good luck!


Steph Ballie

Run Gregor Run!


Gregor Penman


Lesley Hadleigh

Good luck Greg. Be thinking of you xx Lesley


Will Turnor

Sub 3 would be gleaming. Good luck.




Laura Ryan

Well Done Gregor!

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