Jen Martin

Operation Bletchley 2023: The Balkans

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86.20 mi


80 mi

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I've created this page because I want to make a difference.

We love this event - the walking helps our mood, mental health, physcial fitness and all sorts.  The puzzles are great to ponder over afterwards, especially in those dreary January days.  

If you could make a donation to help support others who need more that 'just a walk' to get thru their days, that would be amazing. Thank you!

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Julie Woodward

Congratulations to you both!!! Massive well done


Christine Belcher

Fantastic effort and for such a good cause.


Maureen Robinson

I remembered, well don Jen.x


Abbi Parker

It was fun walking with you despite the cold and dark days!


Jeannine Martin



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