Operation Bletchley 2023: Berlin

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I've created this page because I want to make a difference.

I'm inspired by the work of ABF The Soldiers' Charity and wanted to support them by raising money as part of my participation in Operation Bletchley: Berlin.

The more people that know about ABF The Soldiers' Charity, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Thank you.

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All done!

Thanks to everyone who sponsored me for their support.

With your encouragement, I completed over 40 miles in less than 10 days and deciphered the codes to complete my mission!

I'm absolutely blown away by your donations, it really is incredible. Thank you! Words escape me. It really was with your support (and oversight) that I was driven to complete my mileage in the short time I had. So, again... Thank you!


Almost there...

Just shy of 16 miles completed and registered with the site... With this morning's walk that should put me around half way to target by tomorrow - then a big push over the weekend to try and complete the second half :)

Day of rest, then back on it

After my first rush to get some miles in, I had a bit of pain the next day so decided it better to rest for the day.

Back on it today, got some miles on my account and will hope to get some more before the day finishes.

This should be fun!!

So, while I first heard about this before Christmas, I've only this morning realised this event has started... So I have a full 1 months worth of work to do in less than 10 days!

So any donations you can make will make a huge difference to my get-up-and-go to get this completed! Thank you xx

Thank you to my Sponsors


Sue & Peter Thompson


Shaun Newman

Great job dude, go for it!




Madge Sterling


Mark Gower

Get those 40 miles in - good on ya. If you need a hand with some of them near the end of the month, lemme know. I can help you get there. :^)


David Twiggs


Alex B

Good luck Pete, we're all behind you!


David Percy


Abby Sawyer

Good luck Pete!



Good luck!! :)


Pete Mallam


Christine Wilkinson


Pete Mallam


Pete Mallam


Pete Mallam


Pete Mallam

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