Sam Arnold

The Medicine Ball Challenge

Even in 2021, there is still a significant stigma attached to mental health problems, including stress, anxiety, PTSD and Depression. I am taking on the Medicine Ball challenge to help break these stigmas and get people talking about their mental health. It's ok to speak up and say i'm not ok.

The challenge involves cuffing a 3kg Medicine Ball to my wrist for 7 days. It may not sound that heavy but being tied to the medicine ball continuously for 7 days is a significant burden. The ball becomes a physical, visual and tangible representation of the invisible burden of mental health so many of us can experience.

The challenge raises money for the following charities. Any support you can offer will be gratefully received and split evenly between the causes.

ABF The Soldiers' Charity

Combat Stress

My Updates

My service days

Thank you to my Sponsors


Helen Adams



Good work lad



Great work, keep it up! Such a good cause ❤️


Ashley Jansen

Good Luck Bud!



You rock, well done!



Bond, that would have been interesting last week on your travels! Good luck, tough gig, well done. M


Stephen Davis

Love you, Bro! Great effort.



For the generous cadets and people on remembrance parade that donated.



Fitting challenge for a great cause Adam. All the best T 👏





I know it's not alot but I'm sure it'll help in some way 😘


Mark Squires

Top man


Sarah Baker

Well done from Baker


David Perez


John Davies

Good luck oal, great cause


Jan Brookes

Good on yer Sam!! A really worthy cause. Good Luck with it all x


Samantha Wood

Amazing!! Mental health is the hardest thing to deal with. I think what you’re doing is fab!


Luisa Bates




George Browne