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The Medicine Ball Challenge

Even in 2021, there is still a significant stigma attached to mental health problems, including stress, anxiety, PTSD and Depression. I am taking on the Medicine Ball challenge to help break these stigmas and get people talking about their mental health. It's ok to speak up and say i'm not ok.

The challenge involves cuffing a 3kg Medicine Ball to my wrist for 7 days. It may not sound that heavy but being tied to the medicine ball continuously for 7 days is a significant burden. The ball becomes a physical, visual and tangible representation of the invisible burden of mental health so many of us can experience.

The challenge raises money for the following charities. Any support you can offer will be gratefully received and split evenly between the causes.

ABF The Soldiers' Charity

Combat Stress

My Updates


A day of exercise today; Hiit class this morning followed by tennis this evening. Can’t believe it’s the last day tomorrow! Safe to say this challenge has really opened my eyes to how poor mental health can affect someone. It’s not just been a physical drain, but also an emotional one. There have been a few times this week where I’ve wanted to simply stop and cry, and that’s okay. I’m almost at the £200 mark, would be amazing to hit it before the end of the 7 days! 🤞🏻😜


Not a busy day today, rest definitely needed! A trip to Asda earlier on (when there were no trolleys available and I had a full basket of shopping) was definitely a struggle. Shoulders and wrists are hurting, the burden is showing. Now imagine that’s your head, and there’s no way away from it. It’s easy to unlock a set of cuffs or rest the ball down for 10 minutes, but there’s no getting away from your own mind. Please donate to the link below or share one of my statuses, get the word out - speak out, don’t suffer in silence. Thank you.


Day four has been a blast! The ball went from being on my back on the back of a motorbike (in a backpack for safety!) to being carried around and asked about at the National Memorial Arboretum for Ride to the Wall. It also started the day off talking to a lovely man called Andy, who told me about his life and hardships. Was nice to talk chat to people and get such good comments and support, especially from veterans. Definitely the highlight of this journey!


Day three is at an end and goodness it’s been tiring! The ball made it around Drayton Manor theme park today, saw the animals at the zoo and had a fair few people ask about it and got them talking and thinking about mental health too. It’s taking a toll on me, and has really given me even more of an insight into the importance of mental health and talking about it. Thank you so much to those who have supported me so far! Roll on tomorrow!


The ball’s been out in the community today! It’s off to Drayton Manor later as well and I’m hoping people ask about it. #EndTheStigma #LetsTalk


So I out-of-the-blue received my Medicine Ball today and I'm super excited to get going! 
Please please share the donation link far and wide, this is day one of seven and I'd love to get off to a strong start! 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Tom Abbott

£10 for each day the ball has been attached to you. I've seen how seriously you have taken this and how well you have done xxx


Stephen Denny

Really important! Great job Sammy


Charlotte Burrows




Trace Keyworth

Well done Sam proud to call you my niece x


Roy Stokes

You must be mad but good luck ! 😀


Alex Dalby

Fantastic work Sammie and for a good cause.


Layla Wright

Well done Sammie! x


Angela Abbott


Granny Marg


Tom Dalby

Well done Sammie


Stuart & Jo

Well done Sammie


Brodie Smart

Well done!!


Pete & Donna Holdsworth



Good luck! This sounds really challenging!

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