Take on Operation Bletchley. Your codebreaking challenge 

Test your codebreaking skills as you conquer one of our epic challenges. Immerse yourself in the incredible stories of some of the bravest people who helped us triumph against our foes. Can you crack the final code before time runs out?

Challenge yourself, your friends and family to take on our 40 mile Berlin mission or our brand new 80 mile Balkans mission. You can take part from anywhere in the world using your phone, fitness tracker or a good old map. 

Choose from one of three difficulty levels levels - junior, codebreaker or cypher expert. Be a part of something incredible this winter whilst supporting soldiers, veterans and their families. 

You have one month to cover the miles, crack the codes and deliver the final secret message. Register now, your mission starts on the 1st of January.

You can take part from anywhere in the world using your phone, fitness tracker or a good old map. 

Sign up today - choose from one of our missions below!

Berlin. January 1949. Since the fall of the Nazi regime, Germany, and Berlin itself, has been divided into four zones, occupied by British, French, American and Soviet forces. Operation Plainfare is underway, but we need your help to beat the blockade. Your mission is to walk, or run, 40 miles across Berlin making contact with key officials and decrypting their coded messages. Can you crack the codes, and deliver the final message before it's too late?

The Balkans. January 1944. Yugoslavia is in the midst of a civil war. The Serb Chetniks, aided by Axis forces are targeting our regional allies and Tito’s Partisans. Brigadier Fitzroy Maclean has trained Tito’s fighters, but while he is out of the country updating Churchill, we need a new pair of boots on the ground to liaise with Bletchley Park.  You’ll go undercover to arrange supply drops, organise attacks and gather intelligence in our fight against the Nazis.

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