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Cateran Yomp 2022

I'm fundraising for...

On the 4th-5th June 2022, I am taking part in The Cateran Yomp. A 54-mile hike in 24 hours across rural Perthshire.

It’s going to be tough but it will raise vital funds for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, the Army's National Charity, providing a lifetime of support to soldiers, veterans and their immediate families.

Please give generously, and thank you for your support!

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My Updates

New boots time to start training

Well my new boots arrived today shits getting real got to start training tomorrow and get my head in the game! 
Shitting myself because this time I know how hard it’s going to be! 
This definitely isn’t a stroll in the park! 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Darren D


Yorkshire Volunteers Regimental Association


Robert Kemp

Go get em big bro


Stephen Perry



Victor Heath


Dave Scholey’

Way to go


Mike Kemp

Well done pal. Hope this small amount helps bolster your coffers ! 😊


Maynard Dabell



Good luck Daz


Sue Robertson

Good luck. Sue x



You got this in the bag already, go get it. Good luck 🍀🤞🙏 x


Nathan And Kristy

Well done bumma



Well done Darren!


Ken Sewell


David Dalton

Here’s hoping you get to the end this time


Adrian Mcwalter

Good luck pal


Conrad Gonsalves

Good Luck Daz


John Dale

Good luck fella.


Chris Jordan


Mick Charlesworth

You can do this pal


Phil Dooley


Kieran Surgeon

Well done Daz. Never in doubt.


Andrea Richards


Andrew Miree

Good Luck and Well Done


Lee Bilbie

Good luck mate


Victor Heath

Good luck brother. Take care of that ankle.



Kick Ass Sweetie


Mike K

Should be no problem for a big foot !


Sam Watson


Rosemary Duncan

Keep up the fantastic work that you are doing.


Peter Scholey


Mr David Middlemiss

Well done Darren


Victoria Green

Good Luck


Adam Everson

Good luck with your fundraising and your challenge


Rob West

Best of luck mate. REgards - Ex Sapper.


Helen Jex

Well done


Rich Smith

good luck mate


Chris Middleton

Good luck mate smash it!


Andy Hartley


Wendi Burton

Well done x


Dan Wood


Robert Bramham

Well done pal for getting out and doing it.


Hannah Joerning


Melita Chester

Well done, keep up the good work x


Wendy Laverty

Good luck Darren




Craig Buster Brakes

Your Doing a great job mate proud of you hope my contribution helps a little IF IT AINT RAINING IT AINT TRAINING 👍





Great cause bud, we’ll done

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