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The Medicine Ball Challenge

Even in 2021, there is still a significant stigma attached to mental health problems, including stress, anxiety, PTSD and Depression. I am taking on the Medicine Ball challenge to help break these stigmas and get people talking about their mental health. It's ok to speak up and say i'm not ok.

The challenge involves cuffing a 3kg Medicine Ball to my wrist for 7 days. It may not sound that heavy but being tied to the medicine ball continuously for 7 days is a significant burden. The ball becomes a physical, visual and tangible representation of the invisible burden of mental health so many of us can experience.

The challenge raises money for the following charities. Any support you can offer will be gratefully received and split evenly between the causes.

ABF The Soldiers' Charity

Combat Stress

My Updates

Final Day

Today was my final day with the medicine ball. I met up with some friends for lunch and the ball was a good conversation starter. We all realised how important it is to connect with friends especially after the past 18 months. 
I just want to thank everyone who has supported me through this challenge. Those who have stopped to chat or offer words of support or encouragement and those who have donated money. Thank you to everyone.

Day 7

I will be honest, I had a lazy day today in front of the TV watching the rugby. Sometimes it is nice just to chill out at home. For those with a mental health condition it can be too difficult to go out and face the world with a brave face everyday and home is the only place that feels safe.

Day 6

In work today a friend very kindly offered to share the weight of the ball while we worked together. That small act of reaching out, whether that be to physically help or to offer your ears for a chat to help someone share their burden could be a huge help to someone when they need it the most.

Day 5

Today was a better day boosted by words of support and encouragement. 
I struggled with a heavy box and couldn’t manage to lift the box and the ball at the same time. I had two choices - leave the box behind and close the door behind me or to look for someone to give me a hand. I chose the later and asked for is ok to ask for help. Everyone needs help sometimes so don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Day 4

Today was a long and tiring day. The burden doesn’t ease the longer you have it for.

Day 3

I used to find it easy to multitask. Now I have to think about what I am doing with the ball!

Day 2

School run done and now time for a coffee. Even the simple task of carrying my coffee to my table has been made so much more difficult by the burden of the ball.

Day 1

Today I collected the medicine ball which I will be wearing chained to my wrist for the next 7 days. Looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Day 1

Thank you to my Sponsors


Ann Cardwell


Melanie Cree


Elizabeth Huddleson


Neil Meharg


Graham Reeves

Best of luck with the challenge Cath.


Donna Spence






A great way to raise awareness surrounding MH and raise money for a very worthy cause. Well done Cath xx


Laura Menary

Fantastic job, Cath! Xo


Jill Badanjak

Good Luck 🍀


Fiona Taylor

Good luck Cath


Gillian Pritchard

Well done!!


Martine Bateman

Well done Cath. You can do this x


Kerry Will

Go Cath! Good luck with the fundraising!


Sarah Kinnear

Good luck! xx


Claire Mcgilton

Fantastic effort for a very real issue. Go Cath!!!


Jennifer Patterson

You've got this ! Go Cath 🙌


Sam Wolfenden

Best of luck in supporting such a worthy cause.


Louise Donaldson

Good luck hun!xo


Hannah Mcnamara


Mark Dickson

Great messages delivered in a unique way. Well done Cath!


Clare Steele

Well done Cath x


Lee-anne Magee


Leanne Mccready

Good luck Cath xx


Ellie Mcgimpsey


Kate Mckeague

Good luck!!


Taffs Locked And Loaded Rifle Pens Watkins

Good luck


Cheryl Brown

Go Cathy. We'll done xx


Tracy Mckee

Good luck Cath - amazing challenge!


Mandy Ferguson

Good luck Cath!! X


Rachel Switzer

Great job Cath!


Kiera Crangle

Well done Cathy, very proud of you for all your hard work to help fund mental health.



Good luck x


Donna Mcknight

Good luck Cath!


Caroline Archer


Sharon B

Well Done!


Kathy Whyte

Good luck Cath raising mental health awareness.


Kathy Hamilton


Katrina Payne


John Mcnally



Hope all goes well this week! Good for you!!


Beth Hammond




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