Lin Green

Cateran Yomp 2021

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On the 11th -12th September  2021, I am taking part in The Cateran Yomp.  I am doing 22 miles in 24 hours across rural Perthshire. For me its going to be punishing physically and mentally , but I am going to do my best to complete challenge for Bronze so Spud can tell everyone when I'm very ancient her Nan was a game old bird. xxxxx

It’s going to be tough but it will raise vital funds for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, the Army's National Charity, providing a lifetime of support to soldiers, veterans and their immediate families.

Please give generously, and thank you for your support! 

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Claire Judd

Nothing wrong with short legs!


Dr Thomas Dr Gabel Dr Greenslade Dr Bryant And Dr Harris

To Lin , Just for you xxxx


Tom Xxx

You are the shortest dipstick ever lol Good luck



Lin ! Will you ever grow up ? Good luck xxx


Lin Green

Good luck and no falling over ! Stuart xxx


Nigel Wilson

Admiration to you and your team.


Layla Bartlett

Very proud of you xxx


Peter And Carole

Pedal like mad, with those little legs and get the job done .xxx


Susan Lane


Bob From Lesbos


Rosie Lakin

Good luck. Keep safe. X


Alex Robbins

Behind you Lin,your best Is always good enough for me. Alex






Don't walk in circles !



Good luck on THOSE legs xxx



Growing old gracefully Lin ? Not a hope in hell. Good luck Sweetheart Joe xxx


Sue Lane

Good Luck xxx


Kris And Jane Xxxxx

To The Mistress of The Dungeon. From your loyal slave lol ( explain that one )


Pat Xxxx

At your age REALLY ? Good Luck Lin,hearts n the right place


Rana Denholm

So awesome that you're doing this and a very worthy cause xxx


Emma Lewis


Revd Karen Bassett

Keep your eyes focused on the finish line and don’t give up. You can do it. You have Matthew who can carry you physically and Jesus who can carry you physically and mentally. xxxxx


Val Dougherty

Good luck



You are beautiful with short legs . Peter


Zoe Cox

You go girl!! Love Zoe xxx


Andy Davis

Should you really be doing this at your age on THOSE little pegs ? lol


Kerry Wallace

You really are a crazy lady but ur great 😊 xx


Dawn Franklin

Best of Luck Lin. HI Community FB Group support you! 💗


Lin Green

One for the team


Graham Dodds

Hilarious . Good luck old girl



Good luck crazy lady


Hayley Wallage

Do they know what they have let themselves in for ? lol Hayley xxx


Lin Green

Well done . Best Paul